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8 Wellness Essentials You Need This Fall

04 October, 2021

Are you ready to swap your iced coffee for a PSL yet? If you haven’t noticed, Fall is in FULL effect. While it’s always sad to see the warm summer months go, the transition into Fall is always a great time to change up your wellness routine!

How To Get Enough Protein When Eating a Plant-Based Diet

15 September, 2021

Plant-based diets are here to stay. Most people recognize that plant-based diets, a way of eating that prioritizes plants and whole foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts & seeds, whole grains, etc.), is great for so many health reasons that it’s hard to deny it.

4 Pumpkin Spice Recipes You Will LOVE this Fall!

30 August, 2021

It's no debate that Pumpkin Spice is the BEST part about Fall. Even if it's not fall yet, you start craving pumpkin everything before the temperature even drops. We don't blame you! We feel the same about it, and that's why we already dropped our Pumpkin Spice Protein Balls so you can get the taste of fall a little earlier this year. Not only is pumpkin super tasty, but pumpkin is packed with Protein, Fiber, and Vitamin A. YUM! We put together some of our FAVORITE Pumpkin Recipes that we know you will be sure to enjoy! 

Coffee vs Matcha

05 July, 2021

Are you Team Coffee or Team Matcha?

It’s the battle between two of our favorite caffeinated contenders: coffee and matcha! Normally when you ask someone to choose their favorite caffeinated beverage there is zero hesitation...coffee lovers will jump out of bed to run straight to their french press and matcha fans will never start their day without their go-to green drink. With such strong opinions out there, we had to do a little digging to find out which kind of “caffeine crazy” is the right kind of crazy!

Why is gut health so important?

14 June, 2021

News flash...your gut does SO much more than digest food. Think of your gut as the command center of your entire body. It affects everything from how you feel to how you think! In fact, the relationship between your gut and brain health is so closely related, it’s even been described as a “second brain.” 

What Does it Mean to be Gluten Free?

24 May, 2021

Gluten free options are available everywhere you look, which is a great thing for people that are intentionally avoiding gluten in their diet! With the popularity of gluten free foods rising, it’s important to know what gluten sensitivity is and who can potentially benefit from avoiding gluten all together.

Benefits of Plant Based Protein

10 May, 2021

Protein has gotten a lot of attention over the years, and most recently, there has been a lot of conversation around plant-based proteins. According to New Nutrition Business demand for plant proteins grew by 20% in both 2018 and 2019.The great news is you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to be plant based, the benefits to incorporating more plant-based proteins can be beneficial for everyone! 

Healthy Sugar Alternatives

26 April, 2021

Did you know research has found that consumption of added sugars has been implicated in increased risk of a variety of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity!? The average American consumes about 152 pounds (yes you read that right) of sugar each year! This equates to roughly 22 added teaspoons of sugar per day, with children consuming about 34 teaspoons each day. Yikes!

12 Trader Joe’s Vegan Finds

12 April, 2021

If you’re following a plant-based diet and wondering where you can find a bunch of amazing options, look no further than Trader Joe’s! As if we couldn’t love them more, TJ’s is constantly upping their game with a TON of vegan-friendly offerings. Trader Joe’s has turned into my one-stop-shop for all things vegan when it comes to my weekly grocery shopping. The best part is, you can find yummy options for every meal- from plant-based yogurt for breakfast, to quick and easy dinners and everything in between!

Benefits of Matcha

22 March, 2021

There ismatcha hype around all of the health benefits of Matcha, but what even is that vibrant green powder we love to add to our smoothies and lattes? Matcha green tea is a powerful polyphenol  which contains many antioxidants, amino acids and phytochemicals, which have been studied for a wide range of health promoting properties. 

How to Identify Good Carbs & Why You Need Them!

02 March, 2021

Carbohydrates… one day we love them, one day we are afraid of them and one day we are binging on them, so what is really the deal with carbohydrates??

Is Plant-Based Milk Healthy?

15 February, 2021

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