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7 Virtual Workouts You NEED To Try!

01 February, 2021

How are we an entire month into 2021? In case you’re already needing a refresh on your workouts, we got you covered! I find that trying new types of workouts keeps things fresh- especially when my living room is also serving as my gym these days. Some of the best workouts I’ve found were simply by chance and it got me wondering, how do people find out about these awesome trainers and programs?

The Best Healthy Snacks to Eat On-the-Go

20 January, 2021

Eating healthy when you’re on the go is HARD. It’s so tempting to grab a cookie with your afternoon coffee or reach for a bag of chips to hold you over until dinner. The bad news is, the temptation to cave and eat something you might regret later is EVERYWHERE. The good news is, YOU can prevent this from happening! Having healthy snacks on hand (meaning with you and ready to go whenever hunger strikes) is key. It’s all about preparation here. When you know you’ll be out of the house for a while, throw one of these healthy alternatives in your bag to keep you satisfied and full from nutrient dense foods! 

5 Motivational Podcasts You Need to Start Listening to in 2021

11 January, 2021

Being totally honest here, it actually took me a while to get into listening to podcasts on a regular basis. I gradually started listening to more and more motivational, self development podcasts around the same time that I started my own entrepreneurial journey with Protein Power Ball (about two years ago). There is truly something so awe-inspiring when the guests (or even hosts) of these podcasts share their stories of success, struggle, grit, and ingenuity.

9 Essential Supplements You Should Know About

04 January, 2021

If you’ve ever found yourself in “supplement lingo” wondering which ones are actually worth the time (and daily commitment!) you’ve come to the right place. We’re talking about the best vitamins and supplements you can take that support your overall health. It can be information overload when it comes to sorting through recommendations and most of the time we’re still left asking “what are the most important supplements to take?”

New Year Reset

28 December, 2020

We finally made it...the end of the most difficult year any of us will probably face in our lifetime. Normally we would all be preparing for the New Year with countless resolutions while we think about all the extra-indulgent foods we just ate over the holidays. This year looks very different because the majority of the world is hoping for something we haven’t seen in a while- normalcy.

Healthy Holiday Treats | Vegan and Gluten-Free!

21 December, 2020

It’s time to deck the halls and with that means a barrage of rich, decadent and often unhealthy foods. Whatever holiday you celebrate, there are ways to enjoy your favorite traditional foods without tossing away your healthful eating habits.  Don’t worry if sugar plums are dancing in your head. You can enjoy them as long as you practice some mindful eating and moderation.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Entire Family!

14 December, 2020

Make your list and check it twice! Express your gratitude for the special people in your life by giving them thoughtful gifts for the wellbeing of their body, mind and spirit.

Healthy Late Night Snacks

07 December, 2020

Your hectic day is thankfully over, and you can finally settle in for some relaxation and downtime. But, before you can even turn a page in your new book...here it comes...the late night snack attack. Even though eating late in the day can be troublesome for your metabolism and can also affect your sleep patterns, sometimes you just need a snack!

Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes!

23 November, 2020

What did one turkey say to the other turkey? “I’m thankful for vegans!" 

With the holidays approaching many of us are starting to plan our menus. Are you struggling to find the balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and satisfying everyone around the table? Don’t stress. It is possible to make a vegan friendly Thanksgiving appealing to all - even the carnivores! 

Working Out for Beginners

16 November, 2020

Yes you! Even if you have never worked out a day in your life, it is never too late to safely incorporate exercise into your daily routine. As long as you take it slow and make sure to listen to your body, any time can be the right time to get started on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Vegan Protein Sources

09 November, 2020

Vegan or eating primarily plant-based? The next question that usually follows goes something like this, “So, where do you get your protein?!” It’s not a problem! You can easily get all the protein you need from plant-based sources. 

How to Work From Home

03 November, 2020

Working from home can be an opportunity to change your lifestyle for the better but, unfortunately, it is easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy and unproductive habits. By identifying and avoiding these pitfalls, you can find a positive work/life balance.