Plant-Based Lifestyle

You Wanna Take This Outside?

31 August, 2020

The sky really is the limit when it comes to taking your exercise routine outdoors. Anywhere can become your own personal outdoor gym if you just think outside the box!

School is in Session!

25 August, 2020

Back to school will likely look a lot different this year. School may be in-person, virtual or even a hybrid of the two. And, as circumstances change, an unexpected pivot is a very real possibility. Regardless of what age or stage your kids are in, you can guide them through these difficult times with encouragement and by giving them the confidence and tools to succeed.

Green Goes with Everything!

17 August, 2020

Save your footprint for the sand! Although food waste and sustainability are global issues, it is up to each of us to try and do our part to cut down on the waste we create. While it may be daunting to adopt an entirely sustainable, zero waste lifestyle, even simple kitchen hacks can help reduce our individual environmental footprint. 

Camping ‘Rules’!

10 August, 2020

Summer vacation canceled or on hold?  There is still time to plan a getaway that is socially responsible and fun: Camping!  Especially now, we should all be spending as much time outdoors as possible, but this summer it has been challenging to find safe and enjoyable options. Take a step away from the crowded beaches and find peace and tranquility off the beaten path.  

Natural Health & Beauty Hacks

03 August, 2020

Are you overwhelmed by all the health and beauty products on the market today that claim to be ‘natural’ but still contain additives and chemicals? The solution can be going back to a simpler approach. There are pure, natural alternatives available, both for purchase and homemade, that can be used to help cure what ails you and keep you looking beautiful. 

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

27 July, 2020

If your child is always trying to slip a stalk of broccoli to the dog or hide their peas in a napkin, there is hope. Although it can be frustrating when kids resist healthy foods, there are clever ways to make mealtime fun instead of a battle. Don’t give up! It is possible to win over even the most finicky child!

What’s All the Buzz About?

21 July, 2020

If you can’t face the day before the first sip of your favorite iced cold-brew or if chocolate is your obsession, we have some exciting news for you! With the new Protein Power Ball flavor, Mocha Java Crunch, you can stay motivated throughout your day enjoying the tastes you crave while nourishing your mind and body at the same time. Mocha Java Crunch is packed with the healthful goodness found in both chocolate and coffee that can turn your ‘daily fix’ into a nutritious boost!  

Casual Friday Every Day!

13 July, 2020

Is working at home working for you?  If your temporary home office has now become permanent, embrace your new reality!

Ready, Set, SUMMER!!!!

30 June, 2020

The days are long, the weather is perfect and it's finally time to hit the road. Whether it’s a day trip to the beach, the mountains, the lake or perhaps a longer getaway, having all the essentials on hand will help make your summer adventure the best it can be.  Keep reading for our go-to summer essential recommendations! 

When Your Workouts Hit the Wall

22 June, 2020

Tempted to hit the snooze button instead of jumping out of bed to start your morning workout? Heading for the couch after work instead of the exercise bike? If you are feeling bored, unmotivated or simply no longer getting the same results from your current workout routine, it is  helpful to understand that exercise burnout is a real thing and it can be frustrating.  Whether it's caused by overtraining, under-recovery or simply exhaustion, there are ways to break the burnout cycle. Determining the causes and finding motivating solutions can get you back on track in no time!

When You’re Eating for Two

16 June, 2020

Whether you are the one with a bun in the oven, or know someone who is, you’ve probably noticed the overwhelming amount of information out there about what to expect when you’re expecting. Talk about information overload! It’s important to remember, especially during pregnancy, one size definitely does not fit all. Being armed with knowledge will help you adapt and discover what works best for you to keep you healthy and feeling great throughout your pregnancy.    

Give Yourself a Boost!

26 May, 2020

Go ahead!  Give yourself a boost! By nurturing the body, mind and spirit you can set yourself on the path to optimal health.  Although there is no proven correlation between lifestyle and boosting immunity, many believe that following a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to keeping your body functioning at its best and helping your immune system remain robust.