Plant-Based Lifestyle

Healthy Halloween Treats!

26 October, 2020

Halloween can be tricky. At every turn, kids are tempted by sugar-laden goodies and candies that can be hard to pass up. What's a parent to do? Don’t get spooked. There are plenty of ways to create fiendishly fun treats that are healthy too!

Foods That Contain Fiber

19 October, 2020

Eat more fiber! We have all heard that a million times. But, do you really know what it is and why you need it?

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

12 October, 2020

Many believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, how do those of us who are not morning people, or simply don’t have the time or energy to prepare a proper breakfast, find quick, nutritious and exciting options? Plan ahead! With a little organization you can have a variety of healthy, ready-to-go meals at your fingertips. 

Self Care Tips

05 October, 2020

Do you often find yourself over scheduled and under rested while juggling a stressful job, an active family or even just day to day commitments? By including self-care in your routine and scheduling regular breaks in the day, you may improve your productivity and health.  

Things To Do In The Fall

28 September, 2020

The air is crisp, the sky is bright blue and the breeze is refreshingly cool. Throw open those windows and let the sunshine in! Sweater weather is here, so head outside and enjoy the gift nature gives us with the arrival of fall. Make the most of this cozy and colorful season. There is something for everyone!

3 Easy Fall Recipes | Vegan, Gluten Free & Protein Packed

21 September, 2020

Chilly mornings and warm sweaters can only mean one thing... Fall is finally here! We wanted to share our top Fall recipes that feature one of our favorite ingredients this time of year- PUMPKIN! Not only are pumpkins rich in Vitamin A and packed with antioxidants, they also make anything they’re added to extra delicious.  

Check out these healthy recipes to get your pumpkin fix anytime of the day! 

The Sound of Silence

14 September, 2020

Being comfortable with silence takes practice, but when you learn to give in to the quiet and be fully present in the moment, the benefits to the mind and body are plentiful. Meditation is an effective way to help you slow down your thoughts and calm your mind.

Life In The Fast Lane

08 September, 2020

Fasting is not a new phenomenon. Known as a method to effectively cleanse the body, it has been around through the ages with religious and spiritual roots in many cultures. Recently, though, with research showing the powerful effect fasting can have on the body and the mind, it has become much more mainstream.  

You Wanna Take This Outside?

31 August, 2020

The sky really is the limit when it comes to taking your exercise routine outdoors. Anywhere can become your own personal outdoor gym if you just think outside the box!

School is in Session!

25 August, 2020

Back to school will likely look a lot different this year. School may be in-person, virtual or even a hybrid of the two. And, as circumstances change, an unexpected pivot is a very real possibility. Regardless of what age or stage your kids are in, you can guide them through these difficult times with encouragement and by giving them the confidence and tools to succeed.

Green Goes with Everything!

17 August, 2020

Save your footprint for the sand! Although food waste and sustainability are global issues, it is up to each of us to try and do our part to cut down on the waste we create. While it may be daunting to adopt an entirely sustainable, zero waste lifestyle, even simple kitchen hacks can help reduce our individual environmental footprint. 

Camping ‘Rules’!

10 August, 2020

Summer vacation canceled or on hold?  There is still time to plan a getaway that is socially responsible and fun: Camping!  Especially now, we should all be spending as much time outdoors as possible, but this summer it has been challenging to find safe and enjoyable options. Take a step away from the crowded beaches and find peace and tranquility off the beaten path.