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Protein Power Ball Ebook

Hey there!

We are Protein Power Ball, a health food company that is shaking up the snack scene with our bite-sized, plant-based protein balls! Our protein balls are always gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free. AND they do not contain any added sugar or artificial ingredients. We started Protein Power Ball because we were overwhelmed with the endless options of “healthy-ish” snacks that were out there, and frustrated with the majority of ingredients we came across - mostly all the added sugar! Being pharmacists and having a passion for wellness, we understood that the foods we were eating had a direct impact on our health. So we decided to create our own snack that provided us with the convenience, nutritious ingredients, and satisfy- ing taste we needed!

At Protein Power Ball, we are not only committed to taking the complexi- ty out of snacking, but also out of planning healthy meals throughout the day. That’s why we reached out to experts in health and nutrition to put together this Ebook for you! You will find some quick and easy gluten-free and vegetarian recipes that will fuel you throughout the day. Also looking to refresh your gym routine? Check out the workout provided at the end that will be sure to give you the full body burn you’re looking for!

We hope you enjoy the Ebook and please make sure to tag us and our collaborators in any of the recipes you try!

- Becky, Aakash, & Raelynn