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Meet the Founder

Hi! I’m Becky, Founder of Protein Power Ball. I’ve always loved snacking, but didn’t necessarily love feeling like I had to settle for subpar ingredients or sacrifice flavor when it came to eating healthy snacks. For years I searched for snacks that could satisfy my relentless sweet tooth and were also made with ingredients I could actually pronounce. It turns out this combination is really, really hard to find.

Realizing these modern snack problems needed to be solved, I was determined to create a snack that has it all: wholesome ingredients, no weird additives, and incredible flavor.

We All Have Snack Problems

Let’s talk about the “AH-HA” moment. This story begins at Newark airport where I was leaving for yet another work trip. I found myself faced with this recurring snack dilemma: peanut M&M’s or a “healthier” protein bar. I knew deep down I didn’t want to eat such a sugary snack but at the same time I was craving something sweet. To make matters worse, my “healthier” protein bar options were loaded with gums, weird ingredients and things I couldn’t pronounce. I also knew this option would leave me feeling unsatisfied. Once again I felt like I was settling for snacks that were just “good enough.” I knew I had to solve this snacking dilemma once and for all.

If You Can’t Find It, Make It!

I took this snack problem into my own hands (literally!) and turned to my kitchen cabinets for inspiration. I grabbed foods that I ate everyday- like oats and peanut butter- and started rolling out nutrient-rich “power balls.” By leaving out the junk and fillers, these protein-packed bites kept me full and energized for hours…satisfying both my nutritional needs and sweet tooth at the same time!

From Our Kitchen to Yours

I knew I was onto something—and that I wasn’t the only one struggling with this modern snacking dilemma. I grabbed a few more happy-snackers and together we created Protein Power Ball. We started rolling out more and more protein balls so others could join the “Zero Snackrifice Zone”, a place where choosing between healthy ingredients, convenience or flavor doesn’t exist. Because we believe you can have it all.

Rolling out New Snack Standards

We may have outgrown our kitchen but we’re still mixing every batch of protein balls with the same integrity and founding beliefs. Our perfectly-portioned snacks deliver the best of flavor, nutrition, and convenience. We’re committed to growing with our snackers. That means constantly creating, innovating, and tasting to keep up. We’re over living in the snack past. Aren’t you?

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