Try Our Dessert-Inspired Protein Balls For Just $8!

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These guilt-free flavors are the perfect twist for a dessert lover's dream snack.  Use Code TRYFOR8 at checkout!


Get our Dessert-Inspired Protein Balls for just $8 shipped, the rest is on me!

As a busy pharmacist, I found myself settling for snacks made from subpar ingredients or sacrificing flavor for convenience. For years, I searched for snacks that could satisfy my relentless sweet tooth and were also made with ingredients I could actually pronounce! I turned to my kitchen cabinets and started rolling out nutrient-rich “power balls.” By leaving out the junk and fillers, these protein-packed bites kept me full and energized for hours, satisfying both my nutritional needs and sweet tooth at the same time! I’d love for you to try our protein balls for just $8 shipped, and the rest is on me! No strings, because I truly believe they will be a game changer for your snacking. I hope you enjoy them! 

 - Becky, CEO & Founder

What is a Protein Power Ball?



A sustainable way to satisfy your nutritional needs.

Rich In Fiber

Stay full and energized for longer.


Contains 3g of plant-based protein per ball.

No Artificial 


Just real food, no junk. Made without gums, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.



Decadent flavors that satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.

Ready To Eat

Perfectly portioned, poppable protein balls that can keep you fueled throughout the day.









What’s included in the $8 Sample Pack

  • Cookie Dough

    Cinnamon Bun Product Shot

    Our protein-packed, guilt-free cookie dough is loaded with chocolate chips & rich flavor. Snack like you’re rollin’ in dough!

  • Cinnamon Bun

    Guilt-free bakery goodness! Spice up your morning with sweet cinnamon bun. Can you smell the swirl?

  • Brownie Batter

    Brownie Batter Product Shot

    Let’s get fudged up! Brownie Batter’s caked with rich cocoa flavor & guilt-free sweetness. So much chocolatey goodness!

These guilt-free flavors are the perfect twist for a dessert lover's dream snack. 

Use Code TRYFOR8 at checkout!

Cart will appear as $3 for the sample pack and $5 for shipping.


A Snack You’ll Feel Good About Eating, Every Single Day

Our protein balls are crafted for modern snackers like YOU. Delicious flavors inspired by your favorite treats, without any of the junk. Our bite-sized, plant-based protein balls will keep you satisfied longer and deliver lasting energy!

- Made only with ingredients you can pronounce

- No artificial sweetener, sweetened with dates

- Soft-baked cookie like texture

Ready-To-Eat & Ready To GO!

Protein Power Ball goes where you go. Our resealable packaging helps to reduce waste and make it easier to choose your portion size! You can finish the bag, or save one protein ball for later, there are no rules! This convenient snack is perfect for busy mornings, on-the-go, or even to satisfy those late night cravings.

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Interested in trying our dessert-inspired bundle for $8 shipped?

Cart will appear as $3 for the sample pack and $5 for shipping.


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