Self Care Tips

Do you often find yourself over scheduled and under rested while juggling a stressful job, an active family or even just day to day commitments? By including self-care in your routine and scheduling regular breaks in the day, you may improve your productivity and health.  

Take 5

During the work day, scheduling regular 5 minute micro-breaks every hour or so can actually help your brain perform better and improve focus. You may even find that your productivity increases. By getting up and moving around you will help loosen up those tight muscles and joints. Try taking some deep, cleansing breaths, stepping outside for a quick walk around the block, or even dropping for some push-ups or squats to get your blood pumping. When you take your breaks, think about being completely committed to them, don’t multi-task. Leave your phone behind to enjoy what these micro-breaks can do for your mind and body.   

Don’t Forget Your Lunch

Whether you are sitting at your desk working or on the go, some of us fall into unhealthy eating traps. There are those of us who tend to mindlessly graze (often on foods that are not the healthiest) or those of us who get so busy during the day, we completely forget to eat. Just like you schedule your morning conference calls, breaks to eat should also be incorporated into your day. To help refuel our brains and bodies, meals and snacks high in protein and rich in omega-3’s should be prepared in advance and readily available.

On the go rather than sitting at a desk? Pack a day's worth of nutritious food in insulated bags, so it’s on hand when it's time to take a break. Be mindful of stopping to eat so you will have the energy to handle whatever the day brings.


You Deserve A Break

Any day can be stressful when daily chores and tasks pile up. Setting time aside to recharge can be exactly what you need to power through a busy day. Perhaps you have little ones at home. When they go down for a nap, don’t think about all the things you can get done. Instead, you should take a rest as well. Or, skip the last errand of the day and take a few quiet minutes to meditate and breathe. This short break can center you and get you ready for whatever the evening may have in store. 

Many of us thrive on being organized and sticking to a plan, but we underestimate the importance of including breaks in that schedule. Pausing during the day for some self-care can actually make us more productive and help us get more done in less time.  In the process, we may even find we think more clearly and feel better.

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