Vegan or eating primarily plant-based? The next question that usually follows goes something like this, “So, where do you get your protein?!” It’s not a problem! You can easily getall the protein you need from plant-based sources. 

Get your vegan vibe on with these protein packed favorites:

  • Let your heart beSoy-ful. Legume products such as tofu, tempeh, edamame and soy milk are superior sources of high quality complete protein.
  • Stick to the fundamentals and eat yourLentils.Yellow, orange, green, brown or black, lentils are tiny protein powerhouses. Choose unsprouted lentils for the most powerful punch
  • GivePeasa chance! Green, split or black-eyed, they are all protein packed and fiber rich too.

PPB Fun Fact: Pea protein is the complete protein found in Protein Power Ball!

  • Sow theSeeds of change in your diet by adding pumpkin, chia, flax and sunflower seeds for added crunch and nutrition. 
  • We are spilling theBeans! You heard it here. Beans of any variety whether dried, frozen or canned, are a staple pantry protein. Combine with rice for a complete protein meal.
  • We’re nuts aboutNut Butter! Almond, peanut (technically a legume!), pistachio or walnut butter slathered on sprouted grain bread or even an apple is the perfect grab and go way to refuel.
  • Crazy forQuinoa!Another versatile complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. You can incorporate it into breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can even pop quinoa similarly to popcorn for a treat.
  • Bulgur wheat can’t be beat. Each nutty bite of this ancient grain is protein packed and fiber filled.
  • Don’t forget your greens!Spinachis one of the most nutrient-dense leafy green vegetables a person can eat and the protein in spinach contains all 9 essential amino acids
  • MagicalMushroomstransform any dish with protein, vitamin D, and folate in every bite. 

Pick your protein and power on!

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